Percall has been selected by Airbus Helicopters to support the digital transformation of its connected shop floors.


Percall daily works with Airbus Helicopters’ Support, MRO & Production departments on the implementation of connected resources as well as their integration with the factory information systems (ERP, MES, PLM).

These means are organised around 3 major themes:

Command & Control:
It is about integration of connected tools in the IT landscape and business processes. Today, the connected tools deployed or being deployed range from torque wrenches to screwdrivers, including metrology tools, manipulator arms or even heating cartridge. Communications between these connected tools and the IoT platform are managed through solutions such as Kepware or DevI/O, while the ThingWorx IoT platform interacts with information systems. All this ensures that assembly operations are displayed to the operator and that related metrics are automatically returned to the information systems for persistence purpose.

Track & Trace:
The monitoring of specialized tool on the factory plant is also a stake. This makes it possible to automatically assign an operation to be carried out / with the relevant tool(s), but also to know at any time the availability of a tool in a workshop trolley and therefore a specific assembly line. Also, it is possible via automatic alerts to manage certificate obsolescence, the needs for updating tool configurations as well as to consider predictive maintenance. Finally, this makes it possible to limit the risk of FoD (Foreign Object Damage). This topic can also cover the monitoring of oversized shipments or the monitoring of assembly in the factory

Machine monitoring:
The supervision of machine tools and predictive maintenance through the analysis of machines’ data.

Mastery and traceability of manufacturing processes is a major stake for Airbus Helicopters and its partners.

Percall's activities, aimed at implementing the interface between information systems and connected means on a single IoT platform, make it a major player in the digital continuity of assembly/maintenance activities on shop floors.

As an example, one of the business cases implemented by Percall is the connectivity of several ranges of torque wrenches, for which the accuracy and traceability of tightening is essential in the manufacturing process.

Percall has developed on the basis of the ThingWorx (PTC) platform the screens allowing the operators to visualize the assembly steps resulting from the MES, visual indicators allowing to get real time feedback regarding the quality and accuracy of the tightening operation, and also ensured the connectivity of torque wrenches via DevI/O (Technilog) solution. Once the tightening operation has been carried out, the IoT platform automatically send back metrics (qualitative or quantitative) to involved information systems, in a transparent way for the operator, directly from the workstation, for traceability needs.

Percall and its employees are glad to have been selected by Airbus Helicopters to bring their expertise in the integration of innovative solutions to the services of such important processes and stakes. This knowledge of the IoT and PLM platforms (PTC & Siemens), as well as the middleware necessary for the implementation of connected resources, make Percall the ideal partner. This commitment started in 2019 and the developed solutions since then are now used by operators. Numerous subjects currently being studied and prototyped mark out today the path which should lead AH towards the maturity of its connected tools by 2022, the company Percall is proud to be the partner which accompanies AH towards this ambitious objective.

Percall specializes in the integration of PLM and IOT systems within major high-tech industries: Aerospace & Defense, automotive, luxury goods, transportation and major European manufacturers. Thanks to its extensive research and innovation activities in IoT, data acquisition and augmented reality, Percall enables its customers to deploy innovative and pragmatic solutions for their digital transformation, such as digital continuity (from engineering to manufacturing), machine and tool connectivity (Smart Tools), and production line management (Digital Cockpit).

Percall has been selected by Airbus Helicopters to support the digital transformation of its connected shop floors

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