Percall presents its PLM and IoT vision in the health sector


The health industries sector faces significant challenges: a need for continuous innovation in a constantly changing medical environment, a restrictive regulatory environment, complex development processes, remote development sites, an intense competition between the actors ...
This sector is also a sector in full change where digital is increasingly present and can meet these challenges by allowing the integration of new tools.

The development of drugs, cosmetics or medical devices follows several steps of their own. Processes are becoming more complex and meet very stringent regulatory standards. Associated data / documents can no longer be managed in directories or workbooks in paper format.
So, it becomes essential to move from the document to the data (digitalization zero paper) and implement an information system that can support business processes and growth.

PLM at the health service

PLM is about gathering, improving, and managing the data and processes that are created at every stage of a product's life cycle.

In the case of health products this may concern CAD files, the management of specifications, formulas and recipes.
A PLM solution can also enable integrated quality and risk management: design control, control and distribution of standard procedures, automatic generation of documents and technical files, management of preventive and corrective actions, analysis of failure modes...

The purpose of a PLM solution is to ensure a digital continuity between the design, industrialization, manufacture and service of products. It is also about fostering collaboration and ensuring the traceability of changes and configurations in all processes product / process.

The Internet of Things to revolutionize health industries

The IoT can also meet the challenges of health industries.
The Internet of Things allows physical objects (both industrial equipment and mobile devices) to connect, interact, share and capitalize data.
Several scenarios can be conceivable within these industries in order to improve operational efficiency, ensure the quality of products or offer new services.

This could include intelligent laboratory or production equipment that collect operational or technical data and allow visibility into ongoing operations, digitization of procedures and paper format reports that could be useful in clean rooms and controlled environments.
Other applications of IoT can be found in the geolocation of products and the control of their storage or transport conditions to optimize workstations, facilitate inventories and ensure that environmental conditions are optimal and do not degrade products.

Finally, the connectivity of equipment can kick-start new services for health professionals: for example, a remote control on the equipment of a hospital (use, history, verification of delivered doses ...) or patient data monitoring to improve the quality of follow-ups, after-care and treatments.

Percall helps you in your digital transformation

Percall is positioned as a partner to assist you in the transformation of your information systems.

We support our customers in the implementation of product lifecycle management (PLM) and IoT solutions.
Our consultants, from the industrial and medical world, support you during the framing, implementation and maintenance phases.

For all information about our PLM & IoT offers, do not hesitate to contact our experts!

Let's build your future together.

Le PLM et l'IoT dans le secteur de la santé vu par Percall

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